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and cover wide range of services within iGaming industry

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    BOSS Gaming Studio at Amsterdam Affiliate Conference

    This year BOSS Gaming Studio iGaming company is to debut at Amsterdam Affiliate Conference (AAC) which will be held from 11th to 14th of July at Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre. OUR STAND # is M20! At the conference we are to present a wide range of original and highly innovative software that will be introduced for the very first time. All the participants would have an opportunity to have a closer look on two different platforms: VLT Platform for land-based projects and BOSS platform for online casinos. Both platforms have a modular structure so they can be easily changed and customized according to customer’s demand. As well, our sub-department will present an original set of video-slots that feature our unique designs, themes, game mechanics and bonus features. Apart from new software we are ready to offer a large scale of marketing and consulting services for developing iGaming companies. We are looking forward to signing new affiliate contracts and expanding the existing partnerships as well.



    It’s hard to argue that a clever marketing strategy is a cornerstone of any project’s success. When a competition is strong and a sphere is relatively new for you, our BGS Marketing team will give you a helping hand!

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    We can offer:

    • Affiliate marketing – engaging partners in all suitable markets;
    • Designing online casino bonus system, promotions and loyalty program;
    • Advertising client’s business (casino, sportsbook or any other gambling project)
      in gaming industry top-rated printed and online titles;
    • Designing and developing company’s logo and corporate style;
    • Customizable corporate E-Mail campaigns;
    • Searching and acquiring gambling traffic;
    • Providing brand SEO and SMM.


    For the last 20 years, iGaming sphere was growing bigger and bigger. The competition between top providers is not a joke these days because every company is putting a considerable effort into promotion and innovation in order to become the first.
    The road to the top is long and hard and any startup company would need a helping hand of an iGaming expert to boost the extension and to avoid the beginner mistakes. And there is a better way – to hire a professional consultant who would share his experience and would help to compose an effective plan.
    We know how to make your iGaming business effective as soon as possible. You don’t have to make it all step by step. We will tell you how to jump over directly to the top!

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    We can offer:

    • Support services;
    • Opening accounts in European banks;
    • Starting companies in European banks;
    • License acquisition;
    • Customer support services;
    • Payment processing services;
    • Game providers installation services.


    We design and develop custom games for both online and land-based gambling projects. We are also making original games for those who want to stand out: order a custom-built slot for your online casino and we will embody your concepts and ideas in a fully functional online slot your clients would definitely enjoy!

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    We can offer:

    • Our original online slots;
    • Custom-built games;
    • Games for land-based projects;
    • Our VLT platform for land-based projects.


    We did our best developing our own platforms for iGaming projects making them flexible, reliable, innovative and easy to use. Read More

    Here are the undisputable advantages of our platforms:

    • Mobile app solution – we develop both iOS and Android mobile applications for our clients;
    • SEO friendly platform structure;
    • In-house affiliate solution – dynamic parameters, hierarchal structure, final customers geo-targeting;
    • External API of the platform – we can connect any kind of content, game provider or payment solution up to your request;
    • Unit architecture – allows easy system scaling by locating any given unit on a dedicated server;
    • White label solution – we are creating a white label product customized according to a player’s request. We are ready to provide your online casino with Curacao and MGA gaming license;
    • Sports feed compatible platform – you can easily connect sportsbook to your platform and broaden the audience of your website;
    • SEO friendly platform structure;
    • Antifraud and risk management – we take it upon ourselves.

Our undisputable advantages

Experienced team of 100+ specialists
Most of our employees have 7+ years of experience in iGaming industry
We know the theory and we know the practices
We know how to make a successful and profitable iGaming project that really works
A clever and creative team
Hundreds of partners all over the world

To get a long story short…

The long road has already been passed and we are moving forward towards new iGaming achievements. We are the best because know all the gambling industry secrets! Now get a closer look at our platform, our gaming products and services.