The second direction: Attraction and Retention of Players

An effective marketing strategy is a key factor for successful promotion and retention of online-casino clients.

What to start with?

We are always starting with the careful review of the partner’s wishes.
We analyze, prepare the proposal, coordinate and launch the promotion.
We apply trusted and effective marketing solutions.

1. Formation of the future clients’ loyalty: every project is unique and we develop various loyalty programs that would be a great instrument for attracting new players: welcome bonuses, interesting tournaments, promotions with real money and bonus points rewards, unexpected presents, freespins for national holidays and much more ideas, that have been already realized and our partners are satisfied.

2. Enhance your brand’s recognizability: we make a complex promotion of your project in social media, create motivational e-mails considering the user’s needs, use various advertisement options of our informational websites. We create and place our reviews on the websites of our partners. There we uncover all the advantages of your online casino and give the basic information on the promotions you offer.

3. We form the aspiration to play in your particular casino: we develop the unique additional system of bonuses for regular players, create special promotions, design landing pages, make promotional video and place it on the channels that are adequate for your advertisement. We use various advertising platforms acquiring the best traffic for banner, teaser and video advertisements.

4. We create the most comfortable conditions: “The biggest wins are always in your pocket!” – we can start the mobile app promotion from the similar heading. We create the unique promotional content and will attract the players who use messengers like Viber, Telegram, Facebook or any other. It is not a secret, that many users play games via their smartphones. So it is just a must to be at your client’s hand!



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