License Acquisition

When choosing jurisdiction for acquiring gambling license, decision is based foremost upon the client’s desires regarding their business’s location. Great Britain, for instance, would not allow anyone legally operate an online casino without the British license of all others. Price of the license and complicacy of getting it, documentation requirements for the application, the amount of obligatory application payment and annual payments and, of course, the tax burden, which varies depending on your choice – these are the most important matters when choosing jurisdiction.

Brief review of jurisdictions with basic provisions**:    

Curaçao license: (Curacao – the biggest island of the Dutch Antilles) might become the quickest and cheapest solution. Application fee is about €2000 with monthly payment – €1500. No special tax on high bets is envisaged in case the company is registered outside Curacao. Acquisition process takes 6 weeks.

Maltese license: a jurisdiction with good reputation and loyal license price. Application fee is €2330, annual payment is €8500. Tax on games is about €5000 per month during first 6 months and rise to €9000 per month thereafter.

Regardless the abovementioned advantages of the Maltese license, application filing procedure is quite complicated and long. When handing in the application you’ll need to provide a copy of attested accounts and personal information on equity holders. Software employed on the casino website must be tested during 6 month before the site becomes accessible to users.

Isle of Man license: nonrecurring duty announced is €5000 and annual fee is about €35000. In order to apply for a license operator-company must pay €1000 and this amount is non-reimbursable. Taxes on games vary from 0.1 to 1.5% depending on turnover. Application procedure itself is quite tedious. Candidates must have a money reserve for extra pay-outs in order to prove their reputation and back up the fair-play principles. The company will be registered on the Isle of Man and the servers maintaining your online casino will be located there too.         

Antigua and Barbuda license: this jurisdiction is one of the most respected in the current sphere but the most expensive as well. You are to pay non-reimbursable $15000 and €100000 annually. The application procedure takes at least 60 days. Before going online, you must have $100000 on your account. Severe laws concerning fraud and money laundering are in vigor within this jurisdiction.     

** All indicated costs and periods are approximate. Contact us for greater certainty.  




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