We picked a classic set of characters to create this truly British mystery plot. Meet the fascinating madam, the cunning player, the butler and the old countess. Their storylines intersect as symbols on the reeland draw out in winning lines!   


A futuristic slot, narrating a story happening on a distant intergalactic prison far away from Earth.  Space Jail is perfect not only for Sci-Fi fans but also for all the players who like fast games with stable return.


An eternal story about the battle between the opposite sides. The story of the fight between the good and the evil! What side would you take in a pursuit for a prize?


They are already here! You can run, you can hide, or you can use them to gain impressive prizes and interesting bonuses.


Calipso is a legendary Ancient Greek polis, that appeared to be submerged. What secrets does this town hide? Only the brave one, who wouldn’t be afraid to travel to the deep sea to hunt for the treasures, would find the answer.


A real surprise for all who like steampunk and the atmosphere of Victorian England! This new slot will magnetize you with its sophisticated aesthetics and you will be pleasantly surprised with its tempting bonuses.


What about a New Year any time you want it? Sounds crazy? Yes, it is. And that’s what makes our new slot game really great. Lot of bonuses, lot of prizes, lot of madness. Are you crazy enough to enjoy it?


Candies, candies, candies! Lot of candies, lot of bonuses, lot of prizes! A new slot game, bright and sweet as a lollipop and generous as your 10th birthday.


Travel to the far and mysterious land of rising sun. Feel the spirit of samurai, test your luck and take the prize! The real Path of the Orient in new exciting slot game.


We present you an unbelievable game that tells the story about the times of mighty Ancient Egypt gods – Osiris, Isis, Anubis and Horus! Try your luck and all the treasures of Nile Valley may be yours!


Classic is always classic. And Joker is always welcome. Remember the sound of old-fashioned “one-arm bandit”, remember how your heart begun to pound when you were waiting for a jackpot. And feel it again in our new slot game. Let’s remember together!


A real pirate always knows where the treasure is hidden. And a really lucky pirate will always gain it. Raise the Jolly Roger flag and sail off to the treasure island! You certainly deserve it!


It is a game for everyone who believes in magic! Evil charms, insidious spells and compound magical elixirs – all this and even more in a new breathtaking Magic Jam slot game!


Is an ancient book of the dead that stores the secrets of the afterworld. Our game is not just a slot game to feature many cool bonuses but a real journey through the pages of this mysterious book!


This is a small town on the Wild West. But there is an interesting peculiarity – it is inhabited by the bandit-snails. And they are not ready to give away all their loot without a fight! You would have to use all the offered bonuses to win the battle for the main prize!


Do you like tasting sushi? And what about sushi trying to taste you? Things have turned upside down in our new slot game, but bonuses are still generous and prizes are still worthy.


It is a slot for real deep-sea explorers and adventurers!
Ancient underwater crypts, immense and mysterious ocean bed and, of course, the lost treasures. All listed above and even more interesting features in a new engrossing GoldSea slot game.


We've decided to develop a very rich theme, namely - the life of travelling circus! World culture has seen value in this romantic and in its way mysterious setting while we have enriched it with some technical novelties. This slot's reeland is not really standard and three absolutely different bonus games, free spins not mentioned, will noway leave you bored!      

Another Games is a new leading online slot games developer. The company managed to pick the best gaming industry specialists to create outstanding gaming products that are highly-praised by players and top reviewers from different countries. Unique imaginary, beautiful graphics and effects, friendly interface and high cashback percentage are the convincing proofs of Another games’ and designers’ professionalism and creativity. We turn gameplay into a bright and impressive show with modern technologies, our high skills and creative way of thinking. 


Our artists love to draw and they’re really good at it. That’s why our characters are bright, our graphics are impressive and our interfaces are pleasant and user-friendly.

Game engines

We are already using Phaser engine and soon we’re going to use PixiJS engine to make our games even more interesting and friendly.


No time to be bored! Different and interesting animation created with tools like GSAP, Spine and TexturePacker turns each our game into unique piece of gaming art.


No more compatibility problems. Our applications are universal and runs easy on any platform, PC or mobile device.

Another Games

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Circus Train
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Magic Jam
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Animals Steam
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Joker Jack
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Chibi Slot
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Monster Sushi
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Zombie Slot
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Queen of Spades
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